Set during World War II, Babes at Sea is a throwback musical ‘dramedy’ that knows when to get current . . . and serious. 
 Babes offers a fresh take on the classic musical setup:

  • Boy meets girl.
  • Girl hates boy.
  • Girl dresses up as sailor and boards a ship to find out 
       what boy is thinking.
  • And hilarity ensues. And so does love. And so does war.

With characters you’ll care about singing songs you’ll hum the next day, Babes at Sea sets sail on a journey to learn what really  matters . . . and has a great time doing it.

Just before World War II, America emerges from the Great Depression, innocent, optimistic . . . and unaware of what waits around the corner. At San Diego’s harbor, two brand new Navy ensigns—Bobby and Jinx—strive to catch the eye of a couple of nursing students—Jenny and Trixie. The girls are wildly unimpressed, but in Good-Bye, Cleveland, the four agree . . . whatever’s behind, they all want more from what lies ahead.

When the brash Bobby steals a kiss from Jenny, he earns a slap in return. Meanwhile, infatuated with Trixie, Jinx suspects she could be a heartbreaker. In Ya Should’a Seen Your Face, the girls and boys mull what just happened . . . and wonder what might happen.

As boys do, they convince the girls to meet them at a big dance on the pier. When it looks like the boys have stood them up, Jenny, Trixie and their girlfriends agree . . . Isn’t That Just Like A Guy?

Pearl Harbor plunges America into war and sweeps Bobby and Jinx out to sea. Jenny, studying to be a doctor, has fallen in love with Bobby, who strives to be worthy of her. Jinx holds hope of a relationship with Trixie even as Hollywood, fame and fortune call to her. In When This War Is Over, each of these quickly maturing young people looks ahead . . . and hopes.

As the war nears its end, Jenny is a doctor, Trixie a star . . . and Bobby loses his life in battle. It falls to Jinx to write Jenny with the news. In Things Like Freedom, they mourn what they’ve lost . . . and discover what they’ve found.